• Developer’s Perspective

    ICO was an attractive funding method for start-ups where securing initial investment is critical. However, as the environment surrounding the ICO, including scams and legal regulations gradually worsens, more and more investors grow skeptical of ICO itself, pointing to the fact that the growth base for competent start-ups is continually shrinking.

    Even if ICO is successfully conducted, huge expenses, such as marketing, the establishment of overseas corporations, etc., function as obstacles to the development of DApps.

  • Token holder’s Perspective

    Steep price fluctuations within the cryptocurrency market make it difficult for an individual to invest directly in ICO.
    Perhaps their losses may have been anticipated from the beginning.

    It is also often pointed out that there is no rational reward given to the many influencers, who have helped build successful ICO. Some have operated a bounty program because of this, but current evaluations show that it is not befitting of their impact and influence.


  • Continuous Free Airdrop
    You can receive free DApp tokens made by Crypto Factory by airdrops
  • Fund Management for Development Support
    All resources required for development can be supported without a separate ICO procedure
  • Adequate Reward for Influencers
    The influencers who have contributed to the platform growth can be rewarded
  • Provision of Resources for DApp Operations
    It does not add any cost to the developer to use computing resources
  • Decentralized On-chain Governance
    We implement open democracy by making all decisions through decentralized on-chain governance
  • Reliable Token Investment Information
    You can get more professional and reliable resources and information related to token investment